Normal location, given the availability of public transport (bus stop near). Excellent and very rich breakfast. The room is very spacious, large closet, bathroom, fresh repairs, new plumbing. The room is bright, very comfortable bed. At the reception, the receptionist was very cordial, advised us where to go in the evening.

- Ilya and Marina

My husband and I frequent this hotel guests. Types of rooms: clean until all claims are not brand new. Cleaning beyond praise, people work and it shows. If you need something, then after the bell at the reception after 5 minutes will bring all (of course within reason). To the center of 30 - 40 minutes by car.

- Irina

Lived in the studio. The room is nice and spacious! Breakfast is free and good. Price is fully consistent with the quality!

- Alexey

Ufa was in autumn, on a business trip. And chose this hotel. Hotel as a hotel, not bad. The rooms are very cozy. With all this democratic price. That they are great! With settling, eviction and staff no problems. The rooms are cleaned daily.

- Oksana

No complaints about the hotel. From communicating with administrators at the reception one positive. Comfortable seating, decent kitchen, bright and very suitable for business events meeting room.

- Denis Uralovich

Cafes and restaurants

Many Ufa citizens often go to malls. And it's a good idea, because at one and the same floor almost everybody can find a fast-food to eat and continue shopping. The Mercury Retail and Entertainment Mall welcomes all hungry visitors at its food court. There are a number of restaurants and fast food chains opened for you:

KFC is a fast food restaurant, located on the first floor of the Mercury Mall-3. It's a fast food chain popular in Russia and CIS, offering chicken based dishes and working in accordance with the International Quality Standard.

KFC offers a prompt service, delicious and healthy food and a good humor. Only here you can try famous chicken nuggets. Its recipe is a company's secret; the original formula is based on the mix of 11 herbs and spices making chicken dishes flavor and taste unforgettable and favorite in many countries.

There are world's best KFC dishes in its menu card, such as Original recipe, Twister and Zinger, and also, guests' favorite KFC chicken wings and barbecue.

Bazarov. A menu has dishes of American, Mexican, Caucasian, Uzbek, Italian and European cuisine. Soup, salad, snacks, hot dishes, burgers, nuggets, French fry - it's a place where you can have fast but delicious food. Among drinks you can find tea, coffee, juice, soft drinks and beer. Card charge and home delivery are available. Specialty - children meals come with toys (171 rubles).

Buona Pizza, a pizza restaurant is preferred by many connoisseurs of Italian cuisine. For making pizza the best quality cheese mixed with perfect combination of ingredients are used with respect to pizza making traditions. These facts won't leave even a gastronome indifferent. Comfortable, home atmosphere and delicious, unique cuisine of the restaurant will set you to pleasant, romantic morning, day or evening.

There are more than 20 sorts of pizza, savory pasta, salads, diverse tasty grill dishes, fresh, nice beer.

Prices in Buona Pizza are inexpensive. We care for our guests providing them with perfect service, always new events and special offers.

“7 Povoryat” Cafe (“7 kitchen hands”) - it's a place with tasty and cheap food. Good location (the Mercury Mall-1, 3d floor), Bashkir, European and Russian cuisine, breakfast and lunch menu, food to go, make this place popular. Cafe supports antismoking and ant drinking campaign. Good, popular music and videos are played in the cafe. “7 Povaryat” Cafe cares for its visitors offering fast dishes.

“Sushi San” - there are diverse dishes of Japanese cuisine in its menu, and unusual system of food service makes typical meal interesting. Main course are sushi and rolled sushi, to make them only fresh and high-quality products are used. A large variety of Japanese cuisine for first-timers as well as for sophisticated persons is always available.

Our special desserts bring you feeling pleasure. Best suitable drinks are green tea, saki or plum wine.

“Idel” - a cozy cafe located on the territory of Ecologicheskiy Agromarket, on the 1st floor of the Mercury Mall. Bashkir, European, Turkish cuisine are represented in its menu. You can order soup, salad, bakery food, drinks. Also booking the cafe for events celebration is available. During the day new dishes occur in its menu, making the addition to a large variety of food. Here you are free to have tasty and cheap lunch or dinner, if you are in harry, use the option "food to go".

Bistro “Akyar” - is situated on the territory of Ecologicheskiy Agromarket, on the 1st floor of the Mercury Mall. Here you can try tasty soup, bakery food and desserts of Bashkir, Tatar, Russian and European cuisine. Bistro has a large variety of trimming, piroshky with different sorts of filler, etc. Hospitable staff's always glad to serve you. Prices are reasonable.

Bistro “IZMIR” represents Eastern cuisine. Main food consists of lamb meat and rice. First dry combination of them is called pilaf, the second soupy is called shurpa. Fans of Eastern cuisine don't need to go to the East, they can just visit bistro “IZMIR”, which please you with rich and flavored Eastern dishes.

"Blyuda iz Vostoka" Cafe (“Eastern food”) - it is the perfect place to have a bite making enjoyable shopping in Ecologicheskiy Agromarket on the 1st floor of the Mercury Mall. Sufficiently spicy and fantastically delicious food of Eastern cuisine will suite anyone's taste. Menu offers traditional Eastern food and various bakery goods: samsa, chebureks, shaurma, uchpochmak.

Bistro "Smak" is located on the 1st floor of Ecologicheskiy Agromarket of the Mercury Mall. It is popular among people of 25 years old. Good, substantial breakfast, lunch or dinner warms and cheers up. If you plan to organize a family celebration (birthday, anniversary, wedding party, commemoration meeting, etc.) you can easily order bakery stuff, pirogy with filler to you taste in bistro "Smak".

"Mazza" Cafe is the perfect example of Eastern cuisine. "Mazza" (1st floor of Ecologicheskiy Agromarket of the Mercury Mall) combined Uzbek and Turkish food. Soup, salad, bakery food, various starters and entrees, shashlyk made in charcoal grill, sauces, sweets will surprise you with interesting combinations of flavor and taste. A chef of the cafe makes each dish unique and special. All food is halal.

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 23:00

Rooms & suites


The hotel occupies 12 floors 6-storey building one of the largest shopping centers in Ufa. Guests can choose from - 84 comfortable 1, 2 and 3 bed rooms, equipped with everything necessary.



Modern interior, new plumbing, comfortable furniture, TV. All rooms are equipped with shower or bath. There are rooms like with one double bed or two separate beds.

Сonference hall

конференц зал.png

For business meetings, equipped with:
• a meeting room for 20 people
• conference room for 50 people